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  Windows 8.1 Professional offers an enhanced user experience with the new modern interface. New features help you easily connect to e.g. company networks.

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Windows 8.1 Professional

The most remarkable change in Windows 8 in comparison to the earlier versions is the user interface, the start screen for example now exists out of tiles that represent applications. This start up screen appears upon starting up Windows 8.

Microsoft has focused mainly on making a simple start up screen which makes its options limited. This is needed to make Windows 8 compatible with touchscreen devices.

The interactive elements are huge, the amount of options and settings is limited to the absolute necessary functional and the tiles are flat and clear from colour to keep the start-up screen overviewable. Every tile gives an application, link to a site, or a Windows-program, that can be activated by pressing the tile.

Windows 8 is the name of the newer family of Microsoft Windows-versions, a line of operating systems developed by Microsoft for the use of computers, laptops and tablets and is the follow-up from Windows 7. Windows 8 has a complete new user interface, Modern UI (codename Metro). This interface is also applied on the Windows Phone, Xbox, Office 2013 and Zune. The interface is designed for compatibility with touchscreen devices, but also to work properly with mouse and keyboard.


Changing your display language is now free!

In comparison to Windows 7, changing you display language is free in Windows 8. So you can change the Dutch language, without that much of effort, to the English language. This is done by following below steps:


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