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Do you want to buy Windows 8.1 Home online? Order now and receive the software license of Windows 8.1 Home directly by e-mail. 

Do you want to buy Windows 8.1 Home online? Order now and receive the software license of Windows 8.1 Home directly by e-mail.


Windows 8.1 Home can be downloaded in 4 different languages:

English, Dutch French and Spanish

After installation, it is possible to change the language, or multiple languages can be installed.


The license is valid for 1 user and 1 PC.

If you have any questions? We are glad to help you.

 Windows 8.1 Home comes with new and greater features, already on the lock screen that has been turned into a cloud power picture showing screen. That takes the picture from your pc, SkyDrive and phone, and shows them in a collage. On the start screen there have been added some new tile features, like the new adjustable sizes on the tiles. Like the really big one, so it could show your entire schedule for the day, or the new mini tile so you can create a very efficient desktop. One thing that has been improved is the All App screen, where all of the apps are shown on the pc/laptop, it can now be sorted, by the name, category, most used and date installed. So you can get the best overview over your apps. To pin an app to the start screen, it is as easy as to click, hold and move it to the start screen. If you want to rearrange the start screen it is done the same way, click, hold and move it. On the start screen you can also move more apps at the time, and put them into your desired group apps, so you can put all the game apps in the same group, all the news apps, cooking apps, and so on. There has also been added a new personalized option, where you can choose between background pictures, or just change the color of the background.

One of the biggest new features is the new search option, already if you type into the search option, all your apps, songs and other stuff on your pc will appear, if it matches with what you wrote into the search box. Go one step further and Windows 8.1 will take you to the new que rated app, which brings together everything on your pc, and from the web together in one place, it can contain information, images and links to other web browsers.

Windows 8.1 is powered by the Cloud, with that is also SkyDrive that gives you gigs of space, and the option to put your files up in the Cloud, where you can bring them from other devices. You can also now multitask with Windows 8.1, you can have several apps open at the same time, and divide them on the screen as you like.



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