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Buy Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 2 CAL online.  Order now and we will send you the Windows Server 2012 license directly via e-mail.
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Buy Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 2 CAL online.  Order now and we will send you the Windows Server 2012 license directly via e-mail.



Windows Server Standard 2012 R2. 

Windows Server 2012 is the newer version of Windows Server, being the successor to Windows Server 2008. Windows server is an operating system created by Microsoft which is designed to support enterprise level management, data storage, applications and communications. Server 2012 has the same look and feel as Windows 8.1 as its created using the same Metro design coding, unless its installed in Server Core mode.  



Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 Features.

Server Standard 2012 comes with an IP address management (IPAM) system. Which lets you discover, monitor, audit and manage your networks IP address space.


Windows Server Standard 2012 utilises Hyper-V, specifically Hyper-V 3.0, to expand your virtual network’s functionality by offering a scalable virtual extensible switch.


Active Directory has also been updated in the new Windows Server, with the PowerShell-based Deployment Wizard now being able to be used remotely. Allowing you to use cloud based servers instead of having to run the wizard on the server its self. One the process is complete, you can save and use the PowerShell scripts containing the commands used during the process to automate additional domain controllers. Letting you perform large scale Active Directory deployments.


Windows Server 2012 is also the first version that comes with built in Network Interface card (NIC) teaming. Allowing your administrators to put together NICs in case of failover and bandwidth aggression. Therefore, building in server resiliency into the operating system.


The Graphical User Interface of Windows Server 2012 was created using the same Metro design language. Therefore, the server operating system works very similar to Windows 8.1, unless its installed in Server Core mode. Administrators have the ability to switch between Server with the GUI and Server Core Mode at will, without needing to reinstall the program.


Server 2012 also comes with the addition of Resilient File System (ReFS) for file servers. Live Storage Mitigation is also implemented so you no longer need shared storage for virtual machine mitigation when using Hyper-V Replica. Lastly, cluster-aware updating is now automated. Which lets the entire cluster stay online during a updating process with almost no loss in availability.



Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 2CAL is available in 2 different languages:

English and Dutch

It is possible to change the language settings after installation.

Additional language packs are also available. These can be downloaded and installed separately in case your preferred language is not listed above.

This is a one-time license and the 2 CAL activation key allows you to connect up to 5 users to the server.

If you have any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us!


System Requirements.


CPU Architecture                        

x64- Bit

CPU Clock Rate                           

1.4 GHz


512 MB

Disk Capacity                    

32 GB

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